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TV Audience Measurement

TV Audience Measurement (TAM) is one of the most challenging business cases because it is the point of convergence of technology and knowhow. At this point GARB provides a fully integrated turnkey product, allowing any customer to easily set up and start operating a fully operational, nationally (or locally) representative panel, providing reliable TV ratings measurement.

At the heart of GARB audience measurement is our advanced proprietary metering hardware, capable of measuring even the most heterogeneous combinations of TV consumption, such as digital, analog, IPTV, etc. This reflects the fragmentation of the media consumption in general and is capable of capturing and providing deep understanding of what consumers are watching.

To complete the product we also developed all the necessary supporting software platforms, such as Panel Manager, Ad Monitor and various visualization tools.

Our vision for the metering technology was to create cost-effective, easy and consumer friendly meters that can be easily deployed in any household by anyone, and then joined and managed as a single network via secure protocols (VPN). At the same time we wanted to provide very high accuracy to ensure maximum utilization of the available households and consequently optimal data density. We are successfully operating the official TAM services on the Bulgarian market based on our technology and are among the very few companies whose meters were audited by the leading auditor in the world, CESP.

In addition, our technology provides some other key benefits:

  • easy and quick to deploy on any market;
  • measure any type of signal, including the ability to measure time-shift viewing;
  • provide a secondary verification measurement method;
  • provide real time data stream with 1 second delay;
  • provide extremely accurate measurements (close to 100% accuracy);
  • could be mailed and self-deployed by panelists;
  • joined and managed as a single network;
  • extremely cost effective both to purchase and manage as a panel.