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Opinion Research

Understanding and predicting consumer behavior has become a critical component of the successful marketing strategy in the era of digital and social media global dominance. GARB technology implementation for consumer behavior forecasting is similar to the one for political research, with similar key benefits. Combining our technology with Big Data analysis and targeted ads achieves an extremely powerful marketing platforms, capable of providing much higher ROI in comparison to any other strategy.

One important application of our technology specifically targeted at the content producers is test screening panels. Test screenings have become an integral part of moviemaking not only by the major studios but also by independents. The screenings also play an important role in developing marketing campaigns.

In the existing approaches, after the initial screening the audience fills out forms that contain questions, some in opened form (whether they like a performance or the ending, what they think should change) and others in closed form. Our technology allows the producers to directly target the appropriate test audience within an existing panel with customized screening questionnaires. Alternatively, an entire panel mimicking the TAM panel within a country can be created, and the content can be tested to forecast the ratings.

Key advantages:

  • Significant cost savings by reducing the time, travel and facility expenses required for traditional testing research;
  • Unbiased results from the natural viewing conditions;
  • Capability to create a test panel mimicking the TAM panel and estimate the rating certain content would achieve;