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Media Meters

GARB has developed a proprietary hardware platform that is at the heart of our turnkey system. It is extremely simple to use so it can really work right out of the box, thus allowing for a very cost effective initial setup of the audience panel. It can even work in places where various societal norms prohibit the entry of technicians or others, since it can simply be mailed and setup by the panelists themselves. Once the hardware is plugged into the power outlet and connected to the internet, it is automatically joined into a virtual private network (VPN) together with the rest of the panel and from there all the remaining setup and maintenance can be done remotely. Since it is proprietary, the technology can be further customized to serve even more specific purposes as desired by the customers. For more details please refer to the various Case Studies, request a demo or contact us.
Key benefits:

  • Very cost effective
  • Works right out of the box
  • Extremely simple to setup
  • No need for home visits or technicians, can be mailed
  • All operation and maintenance is done remotely
  • Secure, maintains full data encryption in rest and in transit
  • Easy and fast to setup and operate the entire panel
  • Requires minimum training of the panelists
  • Out of the box covers the entire range of normal use cases
  • Can be further customized to serve very specific use cases on a per customer specs
  • No hidden costs