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Business Model

Following our vision, we brought to the market a fundamentally new business model. Instead of bundling products, maintenance, service and consulting fees together in one often overpriced package and then charging subscription fees, while retaining ownership over the system, we decided to take customer-centric approach and offer technology transfer to the end customers. Then, after taking ownership of the system, customers can decide how to use and operate it, allowing them the flexibility to address their specific use case. Additionally, we provide full support in the initial setup phase and all operational aspects, if so desired by the customers, or alternatively operate the system ourselves.

Our business model is based on complete decoupling of the prices of each component of the public opinion or media measurement systems. This allows the customers a clear understanding of the costs and consequently to cost optimization. Additionally, on a consulting basis GARB could provide all of the initial canvassing and other pre-setup services. This approach allows us to keep the costs down and extremely competitive in comparison to all others in the field.
There are a few key differentiators that make GARB business model unique in the public opinion and media measurement space:


Robust breakdown of all components;

  • Free initial evaluation of the specific needs of each customer, leading to effective cost optimization;
  • Full decoupling of all consulting services from the costs of the measuring system;
  • Clear understanding of the entire pricing structure;
  • Clear option of purchasing the system as a standalone turnkey product and working with own staff and resources, or outsourcing the operation to GARB;
  • Option for technology and knowhow transfer
  • Complete ownership of the system and the results
  • The option for annual audit and adjustment of the system to keep in compliance with any desired standards, such as GGTAM, ISO 20252, etc.
  • Warranty that if the system is maintained properly it would pass any third party audits from any independent or government regulators (CESP, MRC, etc.)