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GARB APIATM (Advanced Processing and Image Analysis) platform is a state-of-the art solution that can be used for a multitude of applications across many industries. The current implementation is used for advertising and programming monitoring in the TV and media industry, however there are really no limitations on the possible applications. APIATM is successfully used on the Bulgarian market to monitor 35 TV channels 24/7 and produce results for all programming content and ad spots aired with minimal human factor involved.

At the core of APIATM lies the proprietary “fingerprinting” of video streams and subsequent matching of specific features or clips within the streams. The platform works in near real time, with configurable accuracy of up to 99% and linear hardware scalability, meaning that adding more video inputs requires only the addition of more recording devices and memory, not the redesign of the entire hardware. In this sense there is no limitation of the number of video streams that can be recorded or analyzed by APIATM.

Key benefits of APIATM implementation for media monitoring AdWatchTM:

  • Based on proprietary audio fingerprinting and video fingerprinting;
  • Automatic commercial ads detection, promos detection or any other content matching;
  • Guaranteed high accuracy detection rates (configurable up to 99.9%, implemented as 95%);
  • New Ads to be detected automatically – requires only the users’ confirmation;
  • Supports both audio and video based detection;
  • Does not require any watermarking of the feeds in advance;
  • Fingerprint extracted automatically from any sample, either from the recorded feeds or from an imported file;
  • Powerful Report Generator –build your own report: per channel, spot, brand, campaign, etc.;
  • Create affidavit and compliance with visual proofing;
  • Customized metadata for the detected content;
  • Scan previously recorded material retroactively;
  • Separate detection with 100% matching from those with medium or low matching;
  • User may watch low matching detection and Approve or Reject detections by comparing to the original sample.