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Our Solutions

TV Audience Measurement

Robust and powerful solutions for creating and establishing audience measurement systems.

Media Meters

Proprietary meters capable of measuring any type of TV signal

Ad Monitoring

Fully automated platform to monitor any type of content in near real time.

Public Opinion Research

Solutions to measure and understand public opinion.

Political Research

Solutions to provide deep understanding of the political landscape


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About GARB

GARB Audience Measurement JSC is the official provider of media ratings on the Bulgarian market since 2006. Over the years GARB accumulated broad experience in the field working with different solutions that ultimately allowed the company to develop its own comprehensive platform. As a result, GARB is among the very small numbers of companies worldwide that possesses all necessary hardware and software technology, expertise and knowhow allowing it to provide a complete solution covering all aspects of media measurement and rating service.

Since 2013 GARB, together with local partners, has successfully built media rating systems in Mexico City, Cairo and has provided expertise and technology transfer to several other countries. Currently, the portfolio of services provided by GARB includes a unique mix of media and technology like TV audience measurement (TAM), public opinion research and sociology, ad-hoc surveys, political research, opinion and other types of research for B2B and B2C purposes, AI based analysis of social media with focus on influence, various analysis, monitoring and visualization platforms, etc.

GARB Overview

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Our Vision

Our vision is that accessibility and ownership of public opinion measurement systems should be no different than of any other product. How customers use such systems should be determined by their own business needs, and the decision whether or not to outsource the operation should be made entirely based on specific use case, rather than following the limited availability of such systems on the market. As a result, we decided to bring the innovation we created to the market and to democratize public opinion and media consumption measurements by creating a robust and cost-effective turnkey product that can be purchased and setup directly by the end customer, who can then use it with little to no intervention by any third parties.

Furthermore, in the age of constant activity monitoring, the integrity of the public opinion measurement is critical. To protect this integrity the best solution could be to own the entire measurement and analysis system instead of outsourcing to third parties who could have vulnerabilities.

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